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Opera Is a Window to the Human Soul

Pittsburgh Opera strives to make opera enjoyable for everyone. The Pittsburgh Opera Education Department provides special publications to help both first-timers and the experienced opera-goer get the most out of their opera experience.

Study Guides

A concise introduction to the opera that includes the characters and synopsis, biographies, and articles related to the historical context of the opera. Study Guides are posted in PDF format on each opera's main page prior to the opera's opening. You can learn more about them, and download them, on our Study Guide page.

Arts Event Discovery Packet

A packet for teachers and students going to the opera. Activities address all Pennsylvania Academic Standards. You are welcome to download a PDF of La bohème Arts Event Discovery Packet COVER and a PDF of La bohème Arts Event Discovery Packet CONTENTS

Lesson Plan Stems

A handout for teachers that includes more than 100 lesson ideas for intersecting the opera with classroom curricula.You are welcome to download PDFs of the Lesson Plan Stems for Samson & DalilaThe Grapes of Wrath, and The Italian Girl in Algiers.