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Music by Giuseppe Verdi, with a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave • March 16, 19, 22 & 24, 2024
Benedum Center

Hedonism, hypocrisy, and high society

A courtesan among the decadent elite, Violetta Valéry knows that she will die soon so she lives life to the fullest. Only the love of the doting Alfredo can sweep her away from these sensual delights. But while she is a trophy to be won amongst the balls and frivolities of Paris, she is nothing but a scandalous “fallen woman” to genteel society. Violetta and Alfredo’s love threatens to bring shame to his family and ruin his sister's marriage prospects. In secret, Alfredo’s father presses Violetta to shun Alfredo and save the family’s reputation. Heartbroken and health failing, Violetta retreats to her old life of empty pleasures. As her illness worsens, will love slip away as well?

Verdi’s exquisite tragedy juxtaposes rousing numbers like the joyous Brindisi with heart-wrenching arias to create a shattering emotional portrait like no other.

These performances are sponsored in part by a generous gift from Robert and Christine Pietrandrea, and by The Gailliot Fund.


Where: Benedum Center, at the corner of 7th Street and Penn Ave, downtown Pittsburgh 


  • Saturday, March 16, 2024  * 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday, March 19, 2024  * 7:00 PM
  • Friday, March 22, 2024  * 7:30 PM
  • Sunday, March 24, 2024  * 2:00 PM
Vuvu Mpofu photo credit Gerard Collett

Violetta Valéry: Vuvu Mpofu+

Duke Kim photo credit Caitlin Oldham

Alfredo Germont: Duke Kim+

Michael Chioldi photo credit Peter Konerko

Giorgio Germont: Michael Chioldi+

Julia Swan Laird

Annina: Julia Swan Laird*

Fran Daniel Laucerica

Gastone de Letorières: Fran Daniel Laucerica

Brandon Bell

Baron Douphol: Brandon Bell*

Evan Lazdowski

Marquis d'Obigny: Evan Lazdowski*

Oren Gradus

Dottore Grenvil: Oren Gradus**

Leah Heater

Flora Bervoix: Leah Heater**

Giuseppe: Andrew Bloomgarden
Flora’s Servant: Josh Mulkey
Messenger: J. Patrick McGill

Conductor: Antony Walker 
Stage Director: Kristine McIntyre
Scenic Designer: Peter Dean Beck
Costume Designer: Glenn Avery Breed
Wig and Make-up Designer: James Geier
Lighting Designer: Marcus Dilliard
Stage Manager: Cindy Knight
Assistant Conductor: Glenn Lewis
Chorus Master: Mark Trawka
Associate Coach/Pianist: James Lesniak
Assistant Stage Director: Haley Stamats*
Assistant Stage Managers:  Bee Anderson and Claire Young

+    Pittsburgh Opera debut
*    Pittsburgh Opera Resident Artist
**   Pittsburgh Opera Resident Artist alumni

Period production owned by Utah Opera
Scenery Designed by Peter Dean Beck For Florida Grand Opera.  Made available courtesy of Utah Symphony | Utah Opera


Violetta Valéry is hosting a lively party at her beautiful Paris apartment. Flora arrives late with a small group and everyone sits for dinner.

Gastone introduces Violetta to Alfredo Germont, an admirer who has long adored her from afar. Alfredo flirts with her in a rousing drinking song, the famous Brindisi “Libiamo ne’lieti calici”. 

Alfredo confesses to Violetta that he has loved her for more than a year. Moved, Violetta attempts to warn him, saying that she “doesn’t know how to love” but he is undeterred. Later, Violetta seriously considers his proposal but then vows that she wants to remain "sempre libera" - always free.

Alfredo eventually wins Violetta over, and they move to a house in the country. Alfredo sings about how happy he has been ever since Violetta told him “I want to live, faithful to you alone.”  

However, Alfredo’s father Giorgio Germont disapproves of Violetta’s relationship with Alfredo, which threatens his family’s reputation and his daughter’s engagement. He coerces Violetta into breaking up with Alfredo, then returns to console his son. But Alfredo discovers that Violetta has gone to Flora's masquerade and he returns to Paris to confront her there.

At the party, Violetta soon appears on the arm of the Baron, to whom she has returned in an effort to break permanently with Alfredo. After winning a great deal of money, Alfredo confronts Violetta. She lies and says that she no longer loves him, but loves the Baron instead. Enraged, Alfredo calls everyone to witness as he throws the money at Violetta. Germont chastises his son and the Baron challenges Alfredo to a duel.

Several months later, Violetta, now destitute and abandoned, is dying of tuberculosis. In a letter she learns that Germont has finally confessed his plot to Alfredo, who is returning to reconcile with her. Their joyful reunion is soon overshadowed by her illness. Violetta bids farewell “to happy dreams of by-gone days.” Alfredo's father also returns with the Doctor, but it is too late.


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Violetta Valéry (Vuvu Mpofu) and Alfredo Germont (Duke Kim) join the party guests in a playful toast

Violetta Valéry (Vuvu Mpofu) extols the virtues of living life 'on a path of unending bliss'.

Giorgio Germont (Michael Chioldi) tries to coax his son Alfedo to come back home to Provence.


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