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A bride and groom dance on a dancefloor while well-dressed men and women sit at tables and watch. Cream and purple chinese lamps hang from the ceiling

A wedding in the George R. White Opera Studio. Photo: G. Frank

Your event will stand out in the original George Westinghouse Air Brake Factory, now home to Pittsburgh Opera.

The Bitz Opera Factory building has the raw industrial feel of an 1869 warehouse that allows you the flexibility to create the ambiance you desire.

Pittsburgh Opera's building renovation resulted in Silver-level LEED certification in the Operations and Maintenance category in June 2011, and we encourage you to consider making your event a green one. 

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Now booking for 2024 and 2025!

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Please note that the Pittsburgh Opera calendar on this website includes only Pittsburgh Opera events; it does NOT include rental events like weddings, meetings and parties. 

The George R. White Opera Studio 

Now booking for 2024 and 2025! 

  • Rates include the Opera Studio and Founders' Room 

Uses: Presentations, productions, wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions, other receptions, or dinner parties

Capacity: 400 for a cocktail reception; 350 in theater-style seating; 200 for a dinner reception.

Square Feet: 5,000 (approx. 116' x 48')

Rental Rates: ​​​​$1,450 for 4 hours; $4,500 daily (12 hours) rate

Available for additional costs: stage, piano

All rentals will be charged a $200 staffing fee and a $150 cleaning fee. 

A large crowd of well-dressed men and women stand around a bar. A male and female bartender make drinks. In the middle of the bar is a large silver vase with large bouquet of white flowers
An event in the Founders' Room. 

Founders' Room

Now booking for 2024 and 2025!  

Uses: Meetings or receptions

Capacity: 100 in theater-style seating; 50 for a dinner reception.

Amenities: Kitchen Access

Square Feet: 1,920 (approx. 40' x 48')

Rental: $750 for 4 hours, $1,800 daily (8 hours) rate

Available for additional costs: stage, piano

All rentals will be charged a $200 staffing fee and a $150 cleaning fee. 


Rental Guidelines

Download the full PDF of Rental Guidelines here


Building Tours
Tours are available select Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Click here to view availability.

Rental Rates
Our current rental rates can be found above

Load-in & Load-out Policy
A full-day rental includes 12 hours from set-up to end of your event, plus one hour for clean-up. Access will be given to Social Tables for lessees to place objects around the space. Pittsburgh Opera event staff will set up the items as noted on Social Tables prior to lessee’s arrival.

Lessees will inform Pittsburgh Opera staff of any rentals associated with their event. Drop off and pick up times must be coordinated prior to the event. The preferred drop off time is 9am-4pm weekdays.

All personal items must be removed from the building at the end of the event. Rented items may be left and picked up on the next business day between 9am-4pm, with approval from Pittsburgh Opera.

Additional Security
Pittsburgh Opera does not require security at any event, but if you would feel more comfortable with additional protection then we would work with whichever company you hired.

Upper Level of GRW Access
Guests may NOT access the upper level of the GRW. We will allow individuals up to the second level to put up and take down decorations. We will also allow photographer or videographer limited access the upper level.

Restricted Items
The following items are prohibited from use in the George Roland White Studio, Founders’ Room, and other associated spaces:
• Helium-filled balloons
• Confetti, glitter, beads, or similar loose items
• Feather boas
• Sparklers or other pyrotechnic instruments
• Gas/wood-fueled burners (Sternos are permitted)
• Hay or straw
• Unprotected taper candles

Guest Arrival
There are two large Pittsburgh Opera signs on Liberty Avenue and two A-frame signs are placed at the entrance and exit of the parking garage. We do recommend that volunteers stand at the entrance and exit to the garage for your guests’ ease of mind. These volunteers can answer questions about parking or the event in general.


Preferred Vendors
Pittsburgh Opera has no requirements about vendors, so you can feel free to use any caterer, DJ, photographer, etc. that best suits your budget and taste. A list of preferred Pittsburgh Opera vendors can be provided upon request.

Kitchen Access
Pittsburgh Opera has a small kitchen that the caterer may use for prep work. Because of poor ventilation, however, this is a warming kitchen and cannot accommodate cooking. If your menu requires on-site cooking, most caterers will set up a kitchen in the parking garage, where ventilation is not a factor.

Alcohol Policy
You are responsible for bringing in your own alcohol for the event, if desired. Many caterers will provide alcohol and bartenders for your event, at your request. Our only stipulation with the bar is that, due to PA liquor laws, you cannot sell alcohol on site, so the bar must be an open bar.

Announcements & Music
Pittsburgh Opera will not provide A/V equipment for your event. If you wish to have music or announcements made, it is recommended to hire a DJ.


Ice Machine/Ice Storage
Unfortunately, we have neither of these. Any ice must be brought in. Often the caterer will provide this, but if they cannot, you can usually purchase ice from the same location that you purchase your drinks. Pittsburgh Opera has a small drawer freezer that can only accommodate a few small bags of ice. You will need to supply coolers if you intend to use large amounts of ice. Coolers and extra ice must be kept in the garage.

Guest Parking
Events have use of our parking garage on a first-come, first-served basis. While we will strive to ensure that at least some of your guests have use of this convenience, full use of the garage is not guaranteed. If our garage is full, other options include street parking (which is metered below 25th Street), the $10 lot at the corner of Penn Avenue and 24th Street (1 block from the Opera), and the $6 garage at the corner of Smallman Street and 24th Street (2 blocks from the Opera). The lot across from the Opera on Liberty Avenue is a private lot and not available for rental. Many rental groups arrange for a shuttle service for their guests, though this is by no means required.

Two of our preferred vendors – D & P Valet and The Hub – can also provide parking services. D & P Valet can be onsite to valet guests cars. The Hub will set up an account with the renters to allow guests’s parking fees to be billed to the renters directly.

Pittsburgh Opera Tables and Chairs
Providing our equipment isn’t being used for another event in the building, the Opera has the following:

10 units -  60” round tables (seats up to 8 people)
30 units - 30” low round tables (seats up to 4 people)
4 units - 26” high round tables
5 units- 8’ x 24” rectangle tables
10 units - 6’ x 24” rectangular utility tables
2 units - 5’ bar units
6 units - black leather chairs  banquet chairs (maroon with gold trim)
350 units - banquet chairs (maroon with gold trim)

Piano Use
Pittsburgh Opera usually keeps a grand piano in each room. Your group may use these pianos free of charge. While they are tuned on a regular basis, if your group requires a special tuning, you will be charged an additional fee for this. Pittsburgh Opera does NOT supply a pianist, so you will be required to hire one of your own.


Administrative Fees
$150 insurance fee covers general liability for insurance for the space. If you wish to purchase more coverage or are looking for additional, generic event insurance, then you may purchase additional plans.

$200 staffing fee covers a Pittsburgh Opera staff member to be on-site for the entirety of your rental from set-up to clean-up. PO staff will ensure building systems are working thought and stay clean during your event. Along with basic support of PO equipment.
$150 cleaning fee covers the additional cleaning of the event space, floors, bathrooms, and kitchen.