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The Summer King, 2017. Photo credit: David Bachman

Theater Square Box Office, 665 Penn Avenue, in the Cultural District 

Walk-up hours:
Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Phone hours:
Monday - Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: 412-456-6666

Benedum Center Box Office, 237 7th Street, in the Cultural District

Open on performance days two hours before curtain time through intermission.

Payment Information

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted.

Orders received fewer than 7 days in advance will be held for pickup at the Box Office. 


$3.50 per ticket service charge on phone orders.

Taxes and Fees


A Cultural District fee of $1.25 per ticket is included in all ticket prices.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Insurance


Performance dates and cast are subject to change without notice.


Admission is at the discretion of theater management.

Subscribers may exchange season tickets by calling 412-281-0912 ext. 3 or exchange tickets online

Single ticket buyers can insure their purchase through Booking Protect (learn more below)

Benedum Center Safety & Security statement and Bag Policy

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has implemented new security and bag policies, effective starting October 1, 2016, at the Benedum Center and their other venues. You can read their Safety & Security statement, which includes an updated list of prohibited items, and read their Bag Policy, on their website.

Beware of Ticket Resellers

Pittsburgh Opera's official online ticketing site homepage is opera.culturaldistrict.org, which we operate in partnership with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's online ticketing site trustarts.org. If you do not see culturaldistrict.org or trustarts.org in the webpage's URL, you are not using our official ticketing website and are likely on a reseller website.

The risks of buying from a reseller include: 


You may pay more than face value.


Your tickets may not be real.


Your tickets may not be able to be replaced when lost or stolen.


Pittsburgh Opera cannot give you a refund if you have to cancel, since you did not buy the ticket from us.


Pittsburgh Opera cannot contact you with crucial information on show cancellations, time changes, road closures or traffic updates, upcoming shows or other useful information.

Tickets purchased from unofficial sources are done so at a risk. By purchasing only from opera.culturaldistrict.org or trustarts.org you are assured that the ticket you receive is valid and is being sold to you at current face value. 

Resellers go to great lengths to come up first in Google search results, and often use official-sounding names such as "Ticket Network", "Box Office Ticket Sales", "Ticket Smarter", "Ticket City", and so on. Don't be fooled!


Benedum Center Seating Chart

Click here to view a detailed seating chart (PDF) for the Benedum Center, our principal performance space. 

  • If you're ordering tickets to one or more of our Benedum Center operas, you may select your own seats in an interactive ticketing experience. 

Byham Theater Seating Chart

Click here to view a detailed seating chart (PDF) for the Byham Theater.

Pittsburgh CAPA Theater Seating Chart

seating chart for the Pittsburgh CAPA Theater

George R. White Opera Studio at the Bitz Opera Factory Seating Chart

The seating configuration for Pittsburgh Opera performances at the George R. White Opera Studio in our Bitz Opera Factory headquarters varies by production. Below is the seating chart which will be used for Denis & Katya.


Late Seating at the Benedum Center

To ensure that all operagoers have a good experience, latecomers will be taken to the best available seat that does not disturb other patrons until intermission. Management accepts no responsibility for the inconvenience and can make no exceptions for late arrivals. Refunds or exchanges are NOT issued to latecomers.

Late Seating at other Venues

Late seating is handled on a show-by-show basis. Please note that for some of our shows at other venues, including at the Bitz Opera Factory, there is no late seating. When possible without disrupting the performance, Pittsburgh Opera will make every attempt to accommodate late arrivals. Management accepts no responsibility for the inconvenience and can make no exceptions for late arrivals. Refunds or exchanges are NOT issued to latecomers. Please allow ample travel time so that if you encounter unexpected traffic, road construction, accidents, full parking garages, etc., you are still able to arrive at the theater for the start of the performance.

Obstructed Vision at the Benedum Center

Supertitles, the English translations projected above the stage, will be fully visible to most Benedum Center customers. However, supertitles will not be visible to anyone seated in row W and behind on the Main Floor, or the side sections of rows W-ZZ on the Main Floor.

Emergency Information at the Benedum Center

An Emergency Register Book is located in the Benedum Center entrance lobby to the right of the entry doors. Refer emergency calls to 412-456-2610. Please turn off pagers, cell phones, and watches during the performance and notify your contact of the emergency number and your seat location. This theater is equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator. 

Stage Area

Limited to performers, staff, and authorized visitors.

Fire Exits

Located at all levels and clearly marked. Use ONLY in case of emergency.

Lost and Found

  • Lost and Found at the Benedum: call Benedum Center Management Office at 412-456-2604, weekdays.
  • Lost & Found at CAPA or Pittsburgh Opera’s performance space: call Pittsburgh Opera at 412-281-0912.

Cameras and Tape Recorders

The use of cameras, cell phones, and tape recorders in the auditorium is strictly prohibited.

Cast or Programming Changes

Cast and opera subject to change without notice. All ticket sales are final. 


The Pittsburgh's Cultural District has partnered with Booking Protect to provide you peace of mind with your single ticket purchase (good for single tickets only; not currently available for subscriptions or group sales). We recommend adding Booking Protect to your order, as without it all single tickets are non-refundable.

Booking Protect costs just 7% of your pre-tax order total and allows you to apply for a full refund should you or anyone in your party be unable to attend due to a qualifying reason such as: contracting COVID-19 (with doctor's note), a family member contracting COVID-19 (with doctor's note), being high-risk with the advice of a doctor not to attend (with doctor's note), other illness, family emergency, or inclement weather. Full details here.

Claim a refund up to 45 days after your performance date through a simple process exclusively on the Booking Protect website. By adding Booking Protect to your order, you are agreeing to their Terms of Service (view terms of service here).