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A room full of mini grand pianos
Pittsburgh Opera Piano Sale, 2017


Solich Piano is Pittsburgh Opera's exclusive piano provider.

Every year, Pittsburgh Opera receives an annual loan of new Yamaha pianos for our rehearsal, coaching, and performance needs. These pianos are provided at no charge to us. We use these pianos for artist rehearsals, our upcoming performances and our many free community events.

To support this loan program, these and other fine pianos are annually offered for sale and then replaced with new ones. All pianos are sold at institutional prices not normally available in retail stores.

In addition to the pianos on loan, allocated grands, uprights, digitals, hybrids, Disklavier player pianos, as well as a selection of used pianos will be sold at significant discounts from their regular prices. New and used pianos will be available for sale from top-quality brands such as Yamaha, Bösendorfer, Clavinova, Estonia, Baldwin, and others. The loaned pianos have been expertly maintained and many are less than one year old. All of the new and loaned pianos come with manufacturer warranties and technical services.

Our 2024 Piano Sale will be held from Thursday, August 22 to Sunday, August 25 on-site at the Bitz Opera Factory, 2425 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Make your appointment to purchase a piano with priority selection and special pricing.