Inclusion, diversity, equity accessibility (IDEA)


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Since our founding in 1939, Pittsburgh Opera has enriched the Pittsburgh region by bringing live, world-class opera to our community. We have long been committed to making opera accessible to a diverse audience, but we recognize that a more focused outlook is necessary to ensure that our organization reflects the ideals of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA), in our public offerings as well as internally.

Pittsburgh Opera is dedicated to fostering a culture of mutual respect - respect for all stories, voices, experiences, and contributions. We aim to reflect this culture both through our leadership structure, programming choices, and employment policies, as well as through our interactions with our audience and the larger community.

We recognize and celebrate the rich cultural history of opera while also acknowledging that the classic repertoire is largely European and does not include the perspective or experience of many marginalized communities. Because of this history, it has been especially essential that Pittsburgh Opera recognizes these biases and continues to bring more diverse voices both to our stage and to our staff. For many years, Pittsburgh Opera has provided a platform for contemporary works on the main stage as well as part of our Second Stage Project. Through world premieres such as 2017’s The Summer King, about baseball legend Josh Gibson, and productions of As One and 27, we continue to showcase work by diverse composers and librettists, sung by diverse artists, and supported by a diverse artistic and administrative staff.

In addition, Pittsburgh Opera embraces a continued commitment to growth and conversation, as outlined by the following principles:

  • Inclusion: Pittsburgh Opera is committed to fostering an environment of mutual respect and a culture that values individual voices.
  • Diversity: Pittsburgh Opera is committed to encouraging diversity, and to engaging the larger community in order to ensure that our organization reflects the population we serve.
  • Equity: Pittsburgh Opera is committed to implementing policies of equity to ensure an even playing field for all.
  • Accessibility: Pittsburgh Opera is committed to integrating accessibility principles at all levels, ensuring that those with visual, physical, sensory, or other accessibility needs can experience opera without barriers.